We’re thrilled to introduce you to 10 companies selected for Launch Party 10

Join us for the tenth annual edition of Launch Party Edmonton, the city's flagship startup event that celebrates and showcases the hottest startups in town on October 24, 2019

Launch Party gives you the opportunity to meet our city's brightest entrepreneurs, try their products, and celebrate everything that our startup community has to offer. Launch Party is a flagship event of Edmonton Startup Week and showcases the hottest startups in town. Since 2010, more than 85 technology companies have launched products at the event, including rapidly growing teams like ZEPT, Jobber, Drivewyze, Poppy Barley, and Showbie.

“The tech and startup community in Edmonton is growing, and we can’t wait to welcome even more new faces into the fold. Being part of a global network embracing a shared mission of bringing entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together to encourage greater collaboration in startup communities is one of the best parts of the celebration. I can’t wait to see you there,” said Tiffany Linke-Boyko, CEO – Startup Edmonton.

Launch Party, the flagship event from Startup Edmonton at Edmonton Startup Week, is celebrating a decade of technology company product launches on Thursday, October 24, 2019, at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Since 2010, more than 85 technology companies have launched a product at the event, including rapidly growing teams like Jobber, Scope AR, Poppy Barley, and Zept. For the 10th anniversary edition, attendees will meet ten newly launched tech companies, and connect with alumni companies. Tickets to Launch Party are just $25 and include a welcome drink, food, DJ and more.

Launch Party Class of 2019:

Commerce Owl

You’re walking down a grocery store aisle, look at a product and think, “Hmm...what can I do with this?” 

We provide a recipe publishing platform so food companies can inspire you to try different dishes using the products they sell. 

So, instead of you looking at that package of BeyondMeat and putting it back down, you pick up a recipe card in front of you and get inspired to go home and make Beyond Swedish Meatballs! #gf #vegan #nut-free 

  • Gezim Hoxha, Founder & CEO 


DiveThru is a guided journaling app that helps you DiveThru what you go thru. We work with mental health professionals to create guided journaling exercises that help you better understand, make peace with and resolve the challenges that you experience. From everyday stressors to specific ‘I can’t believe this happened to me’ moments, DiveThru can help. 

  • Sophie Gray, Founder 

  • Lyndsey Manyluk, Operations Manager 

Honest Door

We are a team of entrepreneurs passionate about real estate. HonestDoor's aim is to provide transparency by using big data, ML and predictive analytics. Our datasets include land, property, mortgage and forecasts.

  • Dan Belostotsky, Founder 

  • Macgyver Ussher, Co-founder  

  • Steve Godin, CTO  


Intello is accounting software that helps Canadian entrepreneurs eliminate the tax time scramble. No more chasing receipts, missing deductions, and overpaying on taxes. 

  • David Filewich, Founder & CEO  

  • Lift Interactive, Development 

Prototype Hubs

Getting a quote and interacting with multiple manufacturers is a slow and outdated procedure. Prototype Hubs has developed a web-based platform to automate and simplify the process so that customers can get an instant price and feel great about choosing a manufacturing partner that meets their requirements. 

  • Mitchell Eaton - Founder 


RxDelivRy is a technology company that can transform local pharmacies into an online pharmacy within weeks. This is a game changer. We will work with different pharmacy across Canada to help them transform into the pharmacy of the future. We will use their existing infrastructure and with our technology, this can be done within weeks. Using our technology, the pharmacies are able to offer the following: 

Making pharmacist more accessible: Phone, Email, Live Chat, Text Video conferencing. 

Same-day delivery with a two-hour delivery window and GPS tracking. 

Secure online payment portal for online payments.  

Auto-reminders for medications refills. 

Access to courier details for security. 

  • Hasnain Raza, Founder and President 

  • Mohammad Imran, Co-founder 

  • Mohammad Sami, Senior Developer 


SkillsTrader is a digital platform that connects automotive employers and technicians. It is a tool for employers to easily find the right technician for their Shops. It allows technicians to enhance their competitiveness and develop their skills for the future. 

  • Fadi Smaidi, CEO/Founder  

  • GB Outlaw, Chief Operating Officer 

  • Dexie Mann, VP Of Business Development

  • Eric Cheng, Creative Director 

  • Kurt Bugasto, Art Director 

  • Brandon Outlaw, Regional Business Development Manager 

  • Gary Betcher, Regional Business Development Manager 


Imagine living in a big city, being surrounded by people, and yet still feeling lonely. You engage and interact with people on social networks, contribute to forums and websites but, you still feel disconnected. This is the paradox of urban isolation. 

People spend countless hours sifting through hundreds of activities across multiple platforms, trying to coordinate their busy lives and discover what's happening in their cities. Spontivly is solving this problem with our mobile and web-based platform. We help connect people to their local communities based on their interests and availability. Discover, coordinate, share and join today! 

  • Anthony Nagendraraj - Founder, CEO 

  • Raj Rajakumar - Co-Founder, CSO 

  • Elizabeth Friesen – Marketing & Communications Strategist 

  • Shauntae Manders – Social Media & Marketing Strategist 

  • Francis Olaveja – IT Administrator 

  • Alex Vdovichenko – Lead Developer, PM 

  • Ilya Budko – Project Manager 

  • Julia Alekseeva – Android Developer 

  • Slava Leschenko – iOS Developer 

  • Tyler Brewer – Business Development 

  • Quinton Wong – UI/UX


The Stream.ML Platform is designed to allow students, software developers, non-data scientists - to build their own custom machine learning models in minutes. New algorithms replace expert eyes or assist trained technicians – cameras don’t get tired. Inspect fields with drones.  Use off the shelf multispectral cameras or spectrometers to inspect for invisible elements. 

If you can take pictures, you’re more than qualify to build an inspection Model, using the Stream.ML Platform. 

  • John Murphy, CEO  

  • Lee Marsh, CTO  

  • Lee Marsh

  • Brendan Bohay

  • Ruyi Wang

  • Solange Gagnebin

  • Trevor Allen

What’s The Deal

'What's the Deal?'  the clean, and simple new mobile app founded by brother and sister, Leo and Kate Popiel, helps users make quick, painless dining decisions. This locally developed app features current weekly and daily deals from Edmonton's finest bars and restaurants. With its smooth, light, interface, 'What's the Deal?' allows people to quickly browse and find deals. Deals that cater to their appetites, and wallets, at their fingertips. We at 'What's the deal?' are enthusiastic advocates of growing local business and are determined to make dining a fun, effortless and affordable experience. 

  • Kate Popiel - Co-Founder / CEO 

  • Leo Popiel - Co-Founder / COO 

  • Jamie Yurick - Chief Technology Officer 

  • Alexander Quinn - Chief Revenue Officer 

“Edmonton Startup Week and Launch Party is an amazing time to reflect on the perseverance, drive and ambition of the dedicated members of the innovation ecosystem in our city. Innovate Edmonton collaborates to create the best possible environment for technology innovation and tech-enabled startup and scaleup company growth. Startup Genome stated that startup communities are now the number one source of global economic growth. I encourage you to see what our city has to offer, get involved, and find new ways to integrate home-grown technology products into your business and home life,” said Cheryll Watson, VP – Innovate Edmonton, Edmonton Economic Development.

Edmonton Startup Week is made possible through the generous support of the City of Edmonton, PwC, Dentons, and Alberta Innovates.